On Nature's Side: a non-toxic hair salon cleaning product

On Nature's Side: a non-toxic hair salon cleaning product

If you're a hairdresser or salon looking to be more sustainable and use more natural products, have you thought about the impact that your cleaning products may have on the planet, and your clients?

Many traditional cleaning products are chemical based and can be very toxic to aquatic life, as well as containing chemicals that can irritate skin, eyes and lungs. 

For example, a common salon cleaner like Barbicide has the following safety warnings:

H400: Very toxic to aquatic life⁠
H410: Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects⁠
H411: Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. ⁠

The product should not be allowed to enter drains, water courses or the soil. Dispose of as hazardous waste in compliance with local and national regulations.⁠

Bye Bye Barbicide text with a picture of On nature's side natural salon cleaner

Despite the impact that cleaning products like Barbicide can have on the environment, they're still commonplace in many salons - including those who are looking to be more sustainable, natural and non-toxic. 

We believe that those salons should have a suitable alternative, which is why we created On Nature's Side, a non-toxic cleaning product that's gentle for your clients, doesn't harm aquatic life and is effective against 99.995% of known micro-organisms. 

On Nature's Side is a revolutionary product that's 100% biodegradable, and...

  • Comes in a reusable plastic bottle that can be sent back to us and refilled 
  • Carbon Offset transportation
  • For every bottle sold, 4 plastic bottles are removed from the ocean
  • Green Salon Collective approved ✔️
  • Doesn't contain any synthetic nasties that can irritate skin, eyes and lungs
  • Is completely non-toxic, natural, and free from any harmful chemicals like alcohol, parabens, and dyes
  • Isn't harmful to aquatic life
  • REUSE & REFUSE - Spray top is not included; bottle compatible with most spray lids.
  • It's effective against 99.995% of known micro-organisms, including influenzas, e-coli, c-difficile, MRSA, and norovirus. 

You can pre-order the natural-based salon cleaner On Nature's Side here, and take one step further to having more natural products in your salon, that aren't as harmful to the planet. 

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