What happens to hair in landfill?

What happens to hair in landfill?

When we think about waste, hair might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the hairdressing industry generates a significant amount of salon waste, including waste human hair. The environmental impact of this seemingly innocuous material is often underestimated. In the UK, Green Salon Collective is pioneering efforts to tackle this issue by finding new, more sustainable ways to  handle hair waste. In this blog post, we will delve into the repercussions of hair in landfill, the challenges it poses, and what the solution for waste human hair is for UK salons. 

The Hairy Situation in Landfills

Hair is an organic material, and when it ends up in landfills, it undergoes a decomposition process that contributes to the production of methane gas – a potent greenhouse gas. Additionally, hair takes a long time to break down, posing a persistent environmental challenge. In traditional waste management systems, hair is often treated as a non-recyclable item, and its potential for reuse and repurposing is overlooked.

Waste Salon Hair: A Missed Opportunity

Salons are huge generators of hair waste. Every haircut produces a considerable amount of human hair waste, and when multiplied by the number of salons worldwide, the scale of the issue becomes apparent! Historically, these hair clippings were discarded without much thought, contributing to the environmental burden of landfills.

Green Salon Collective: Transforming Waste into Opportunity

Enter Green Salon Collective, a UK initiative that is changing the narrative surrounding salon waste. Green Salon Collective works with UK hairdressing salons to implement sustainable practices, including the recycling of their waste hair. By offering hair recycling services to UK hairstylists, freelancers, barbers, hairdressing colleges and more, Green Salon Collective is working to ensure that waste salon hair doesn't end up in landfills.

Hair Recycling in the UK

The concept of hair recycling might sound unconventional, but it is an innovative and environmentally friendly solution. Green Salon Collective has over 10 different recycling projects to reuse and repurpose waste salon hair, from composting to hair booms used in oil spill clean-ups. The versatility of hair as a material makes it a valuable resource for all our different projects!

10+ ways GSC recycles hair

The Impact of Hair Recycling in the UK

Green Salon Collective provides UK hairdressing salons with the tools and resources needed to collect and store waste human hair for recycling. This initiative not only reduces the carbon footprint of the beauty industry but also creates a circular economy by transforming waste into a resource. The recycled hair products contribute to sustainability efforts across different sectors, showcasing the potential of conscious waste management.

The journey of hair from the salon floor to the landfill is evolving, thanks to initiatives like Green Salon Collective and all of our amazing UK member stylists and salons who support hair recycling! By addressing the environmental impact of waste salon hair, hair salons across the UK can take steps towards being a more sustainable salon. As consumers become increasingly aware of the environmental consequences of their choices, supporting initiatives like Green Salon Collective member salons becomes key for a more sustainable future. So, the next time you get a haircut at a Green Salon Collective salon, you can rest assured that your locks are contributing to a greener, cleaner planet.

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