To ensure that salon waste like human hair is reused and recycled, and not going to landfill, we have found over 10 different ways to recycle hair.

If you'd like to become a more sustainable hair salon, you can learn more about our salon recycling options here.

Here's how we recycle hair...


Hair is rich in Nitrogen, making it an ideal fertiliser for local and industrial composting.

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Hair adsorbs oil and pollutants, even in water. We've used hair in this way to clean up oil spills and polluted rivers across the UK and Ireland. Through hair booms and hair mats. Hair booms are 'sausage' like tubes filled with waste human had that adsorb oil and pollutants and can help to contain the spread of oil spills in waterways.

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By felting hair with our unique machinery, we can create a hair mat that can be used to cover storm drains or clean up waterways

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Working with Biohm, a London based regenerative biomanufacturer, your hair is being combines with their unique binding material 'orb', to create particleboard-like sheets as well as moulded 3D objects. They are also working with mycelium, the root structure of fungi, to grow around hair to create insulation panels.

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We are collaborating with Natural Fibre Co., a British woollen mill in Cornwall, to develop a hair-wool fibre alternative to petroleum or cotton based yarns, ropes and twines. Our current blend is 40:60 hair and wool blend using salon's waste hair and undervalued, destined-for-compost wool.

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Our Head of R&D, Stephanie Hodgson, is conducting an experiment to test the ability of 'potting felt' a product for houseplants made from salon hair waste, to save water, deter pests, and release nitrogen into the soil. 

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We have created a truly unique workshop with our research partner, Sanne Visser, Design Researcher in Residence at The Design Museum. Our workshops invite people to explore hair rope making while inspiring them to rethink the concept of waste. 

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Collaborating with architecture and research firm, Pareid, we explore the application of salon hair waste in architecture and building materials. Pareid are interested in visibly showcasing the presence of hair in final products and instalments as a way to compel people to consider the material not as waste but as a resource. 

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We can use even the shortest of hair in the Green Salon Collective hair recycling projects, however, when the hair is long enough to create a wig, that is what we will do. 


Working with dressmakers and designers, we can turn hair into dresses and clothes. In 2022, Green Salon Collective was featured in museums across the UK and Europe showcasing what can be done with hair. 

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