Recycling services


No matter how gentle your colour and bleach is for hair, we must keep it away from the natural environment. ​

The current options of down the sink or into landfills are the worst possible solutions for any toxic chemicals. ​

Over time, the colour and bleach leach toxins that form part of leachate.  Leachate is the liquid formed when waste breaks down in the landfill and water filters through that waste. 

This liquid is highly toxic and can pollute our soil and groundwater, and become an environmental hazard for years.

Zero chemicals to landfill

We are proud to provide a service to businesses in the hair and beauty industry that ensures no more excess colour or bleach makes the journey to landfill where it causes problems.

We're all about solutions!

All your chemical waste will be used to generate electricity for the UK National Grid. It is sent to a specialist facility that burns it to ash. The incineration process produces heat and electricity and all chemical waste is burned according to the Offensive Waste guidelines.

Please don't put excess colour and bleach down the sink!


Before looking for ethical ways to dispose of your salon’s chemicals, it may be a good idea to consider whether there is anything your team can do to minimise what is wasted to begin with. SmartMix helps you reduce colour waste and save money! 

Pros and cons

The beauty about waste-to-energy incineration is that it helps to reduce the volume of trash we produce (i.e. the physical space) and helps us to avoid polluting our waterways or burdening landfill sites. 

The process can also begin to pay for itself as the electricity it generates is sold. 

One key drawback about waste-to-energy incineration is that good, clean facilities are incredibly expensive to build, especially those that are effective at capturing the pollutants released in the process. 

We have partnered with Hubba to ensure your chemical waste and any other non recyclable items don't go to landfill. Chemicals, along with PPE, wax strips, cotton wool, contaminated items, wet wipes and so on can all go in our General Waste to Energy bin. 

You can get a General Waste to Energy bin from our shop here, then head to our partners at Hubba (click here) to set yourself up with a general waste to energy service!