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Our members told us they wanted to be able to recycle their food waste, too. We listened! 

What is truly incredibly about this food recycling program is that it not only turns your coffee grounds, plastic-free tea bags and any other cooked or uncooked food waste into nutrient-rich fertiliser BUT it also generates clean energy

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To add FOOD RECYCLING services:

Find a durable food recycling bin or purchase our Food Recycling ADD-ON KIT which comes with a tall bin and ‘food’ sticker. 

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We have negotiated a great deal for you with our partner, First Mile!

Call them on (+44) 0800 612 9894 to set up your food waste service. 

You pay First Mile directly but when you mention you are a Green Salon Collective member, you will receive roughly 17% off EVERY order. The price ends up being approximately £60 to £90 for 50 food waste bags (depending on their distance to London) that will be picked up at a set time of their choosing every week. Available UK & Ireland wide.

NOTE: First Mile would NOT like for you to use biobags or those compostable food waste bags for this service and this service is NOT available to locations in shopping centres.

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Food recycling is CHEAPER than general waste. It's a no-brainer!

Here’s what First Mile does with your food waste:

Food waste is taken back to our Sacktory where it is collated in a huge skip before making its onward journey to a UK-based Anaerobic Digestion facility. 

It’s then fed to the hungry microbes which create biogas for the generation of gas and electricity. 

There’s actually enough food waste recycled each night to power your computer for 10 years! 

This process also creates nutrient-rich fertiliser that goes back into UK soil, ready to grow more crops. 

Now that’s what we call closing the loop!