We openly welcome all freelancers in the hair and beauty industry who choose to remain ahead of the curve and run their businesses with care for the planet as well as the people they serve. 

Did you know that becoming a member of Green Salon Collective can can be very good for business?

More and more people are seeking out ethical brands and so membership with us has already been shown to lure new clients while strengthening existing clientele loyalty. 

And just as it is for salons and barbershops, taking on our services can be completely cost-neutral. It won’t cost you a penny extra to do the right thing!

Freelancers can generate massive change

The potential of freelancers for creating significant change is HUGE. These daring and talented entrepreneurs actually dominate the workforce in our industry. The NHFB reckons 60% of British hairdressers and barbers are self-employed!

We want things to be easy for you

We are incredibly grateful to Lacey Hunter-Felton from Hunter Collective and Stephanie Hodgson from MeetthefiveRs for developing a series of guides for freelancers and co-working spaces as they navigate taking on Green Salon Collective services. 

You may find their guides useful for registering with us, traveling with and storing our bins and preparing your Returns Boxes for collections.

Read the Guide Here

Tailored Products & Services

We understand that running a freelance business is very different from running a salon or barbershop and this includes how these businesses use our products and services. This is why we have worked with various people in the business to create products and services that are better suited to your needs as a freelancer on the go.

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Social Media and Member Content

Once you become a member, you get access to our exclusive members only content that you can share with your clients on social media, via email and on your website. There are specialised posts for freelancers, so that all our members have something that represents them.