If you're looking to make your haircare routine more sustainable, you're in the right place!

Below are 4 top tips that your stylist can guide you through, to reduce your hair routine's environmental impact. Whether that's through reducing water and energy usage, or refilling your favourite ABC products to prevent plastic waste. There's a way for all of us to do our bit...

  • ECO TIP 1: Have you ever tried refilling your products?

    Refilling your products like shampoo and conditioner can save you money and prevent extra plastic bottles from being throw away!

    Want to join the refill revolution? Explore Authentic Beauty Concept's Refill options here 
  • ECO TIP 3: Have you ever tried leave-in conditioner?

    There are many benefits to using leave-in conditioner including improving hair condition, saving on your utility bills and reducing your impact on the environment. If you haven’t already tried it, there’s no time like the present!

    Discover Authentic Beauty Concept's 3 different leave in conditioners here! 
  • ECO TIP 2: Have you ever tried dry shampoo?

    Using dry shampoo can transform your haircare routine. Some people use it as a way to boost a shampoo several days ago and others simply alternate shampoo and dry shampoo days. However you use it, it can have a significant impact on the condition of your hair, on your bills and on the environment!

    Learn more about Authentic Beauty Concept's vegan dry shampoo that's free from parabens and silicones here 
  • ECO TIP 4: Running hot water is the most expensive and energy-intensive activity we do in our homes.

    DYK that one of the most expensive and energy-intensive activities in your homes is running hot water? Heating water takes much more energy than heating air, so any steps you take to reduce the amount of hot water you use, reduces your carbon footprint.

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