Anti Black Friday 2022 Hair Recycling

Anti Black Friday


anti black friday 2022 sustainable salons


While stylists from the UK and Ireland are preparing to shop till they drop on Black Friday 2022 and selling products on "special offer", Green Salon Collective are protesting mass consumerism by not offering traditional Black Friday sales. We're going to sell rubbish!


Bags of empty cans for £5, broken clips for £2.50, plastic bags for £20 and even dirty, used towels for £10 a bag...




To help illustrate the true cost of the hairdressing industry's waste - broken hair dryers in landfill, plastic product bottles in our oceans and nasty chemicals down the drain. Black Friday is not a celebration, it's an environmental disaster, and the promotion of unnecessary, unsustainable purchases should be stopped.


As an industry, we must move towards circular solutions, and hairdressers can be the voice of this by reducing, reusing and recycling, as well as educating their clients on how to do the same!


So, this Black Friday, think twice about what you buy on sale and only get what you really need, rather than buying rubbish.   



For those who want to satisfy the consumerist urge, why not buy some of our rubbish instead? All proceeds from the purchase of rubbish will be donated to the rewilding organisation Mossy Earth. Head to the shop here to see the rubbish we have for sale!


#BoycottBlackFriday #SplashYaTrash #WasteEmbraced 

Anti Black Friday Sale 2022 Hair Recycling
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