New service

General Waste to Energy

We would like to introduce a comprehensive General Waste to Energy service, collected from your door every week. This is a nationwide general waste service where nothing, zero, zip, not a smidge goes to landfill. Our solution for chemical waste is also an opportunity to take other items that you currently send to landfill. 

With this new system, we can also take contaminated salon towels, contaminated food packages, wax strips, wet tissues, cotton buds, Paper Not Foil (which cannot be recycled), PPE and any other small sticky items that you may be using (eg. wet wipes, gum, etc.).   

Obviously, this is excellent news as it will also free up room in your Returns Box but, best of all, it costs approx. £100 for 50 weekly collections!   

How will it work? 

You can get a General Waste to Energy bin from our shop here, or use your current bin and we'll send you the new sticker. 

Then head to our partners at Hubba (click here) to set yourself up with a general waste to energy service!